A Quick Look At The Upcoming Adidas Stan Smith Boost


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Some attribute Adidas ‘s new found success to their recent venture with Kanye West; others will argue that the revolutionary boost technology coupled with the silhouette of their latest sneakers is behind it. I say it’s a combination of both or many other factors.


Well, it’s the turn of the Classic Stan Smith to get the boost treatment; in February of 2017, the Adidas Stan Smith boost will be made available to the general public. The shoes will have the same upper as the original Stan Smith, but will sport a boost midsole. I wonder what kind of feedback this edition of the Smith’s will receive from the older crowd. Some people are resistant to change and would rather keep things the way they are; Adidas’s job is cut out on this one- what are the selling points of the Adidas Stan Smith Boost? is it functionality, comfort, fashion appeal, etc..?.With that said, check out the pictures below ,give me an objective feedback on the shoes and stay tuned for further updates?

adidas-stan-smith-boost-1 adidas-stan-smith-boost-2 adidas-stan-smith-boost-5

tayib salami