Sneaker Brands Ought To Learn A Thing Or Two From The Professor & Burger King

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Even Burger King gets it, quite an interesting way to start a sentence right. Some of you are probably thinking: What in the world is he talking about referring to Burger King? So let me elaborate on it. Yesterday, while checking my Facebook feed I  came across former And1 legend Grayson Boucher aka the professor‘s video, and what I thought was a video of him showing off his ball handling skills ended up being a subtle Burger King commercial.

Here is a olf picture of the professor and some of the And1 crew courtesy of hoopshype

Out of the whole AND1 crew, the professor is the only one that has kept himself relevant by constantly producing interesting content. Whether it be him wearing a Spiderman outfit challenging random passersby to a one on one game or going to a playground and schooling wannabe streetballers, the point is that he is relatable and accessible. As a result Burger king saw an opportunity and sought his help. This is great marketing and sneaker companies ought to look into this as well. Although the NBA and its athletes are a great marketing channel for basketball shoes, guys like “the professor” are in my opinion a better marketing tool in this day and age, simply because they look more approachable. Their unconventional style of basketball coupled with the fact they are accessible are elements that the “average Joe” is drawn to. When you watch the commercial it doesn’t look like a commercial but more like the professor doing his daily routines, showing off his handles and eating Burger king cheesy tots. It’s very raw and very realistic in comparison to a professional Nike commercial that looks like what it is : a commercial. To thrive in this industry major and minor brands will have to adapt to this new way of reaching the consumer or they will die out. Adidas I think has a good grasp of it and is capitalizing on it . In the meantime go grab yourself some cheesy tots at Burger king , hit the playground and enjoy the video below. Be sure to leave your feedback.

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