Would You Rock These Custom Adidas Ultra Boost McDonalds

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I’m glad the world of customs exist , it has a way of sustaining me in light of the amount of redundant and dull colorways man brands have come up with. Adidas took the lifestyle market by a storm but lately, the brand has been slacking and lacking in creativity. But in the world of customs, the possibilities are limitless; I came across a pair of custom Adidas ultra boost McDonals and though I wouldn;t wear it, one has to appreciate the genius behind the design.

The base shoe was the triple white Ultra boost; the uppers feature McDonalds colors with a bunch of their menu items all over the shoes. The company’s logo can be spotted on the panels and Bozo the clown takes over the tongue area. The artist also added interesting details such as the Big Mac and the a box medium fries on the back tab. Check out the amount of details in the pictures below.

tayib salami
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