Don’t Be Quiet Please, Adidas And Pharrell Bold Call To The People

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Adidas has definitely mastered the art of connecting with the current breed of consumers with its myriad of very compelling campaigns. The latest one, the “Don’t Be Quiet Please” in conjunction with Pharrell Williams exemplifies what the brand is all about- what Adidas is basically conveying to the public is,

We aren’t just trying to sell you a pair of shoes, but we want you to be actively involve in changing the world for the better

And this resonates with a lot of people, especially the rebellious youth of this age who is very vocal about what they believe. Just think about all the movements that have been birthed in the past 5 years. most of them started with a few individuals sharing their thoughts on Social Media outlets i.e Youtube, Facebook, Instagram,etc.. And all were engendered by people who didn’t want to be “Quiet” about the injustices they witnessed. Adidas has understood  the power of staying relevant with the current trends in our society as it pertains to social changes, and the brand is tapping into it. I believe their intentions are genuine but when it’s all said and done, it’s about making the “Dollar dollar Bills Y’all”. Nonetheless, Adidas’s bold manifesto is to be respected; the brand is actively establishing a strong strand with its fan base. Here is what Pharrell Williams had to say about the “Don’t Be Quiet” collection,

Every tennis match starts with the same two words: ‘Quiet Please.’ But change can be noisy, and our love can transform anything.Outside the court, we will let our voices be heard as loud as we can. If you see the potential for good, speak up. Together, we can change the game for the better

Here is a video of the campaign

You can also spot Pharrell’s new Adidas NMD Hu in the picture above


tayib salami