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As soon as I came across the Patent Leather Adidas Top Ten Black & Gold, I was sold on it. I will admit that both the Top Ten hi and the Black & Gold Jordan 1 Patent Leather look like fraternal twins, see picture below

air jordan 1 black gold adidas black gold

But I will definitely pick the Top Ten hi over the Jordan 1 for several reasons. The distribution of colors is one of them, gold covers the back, portions of the quarter panel, the toe box and the branding on the tongue. The white on the mid section highlights the adidas three bands ( that’s the fist thing that hits your eyes, the brand’s logo). And the black underlays serve as a shadow. The other reason why I like the Top Ten Hi better is the price point, the shoe retails for $90, a very reasonable and affordable price in comparison to the ridiculous $170 price tag on the Jordan 1’s. I believe the reason why the Top Ten hasn’t received a lot of attention is due to the lack of story telling ( backstory) behind it. There has been poor marketing, I wouldn’t have known that this shoe was releasing If I hadn’t seen it as a banner on snipesusa main page. And most people don’t go digging for sneakers the way those that write and talk about sneakers do, so brands have to literally hope that popular blogs mention their items on their platforms. Another alternative is to promotion via influencers, which is very shaky. I think Adidas ought to invest in creating more stories behind its own sneakers on their website. I went on and couldn’t find any information about the patent leather top ten hi. If the brand doesn’t put a high premium on the shoe , why would any consumer care about it?

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Adidas Top Ten Black & Gold


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tent Leather Adidas Top Ten Black & Gold FX7873 5 Patent Leather Adidas Top Ten Black & Gold FX7873 Patent Leather Adidas Top Ten Black & Gold FX7873


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