Will You Settle For Any Garbage? Bape Neighborhood Adidas Superstar Boost

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I got up this morning and a fellow head from a FB Sneaker Group I’m in shared a picture of a shoe that appears to have been patched up to look like Frankenstein. Called the Bape x NEIGHBORHOOD x Adidas Superstar Boost, this is supposedly the latest collab between these three well known major fashion moguls. My initial and permanent feedback on the shoes is : GARBAGE .

I think these companies want to see how much they can get away with; they use the consumers as a gauge for their stupid rivalries. First it was Nike with the introduction of the Supreme Uptempo and now Adidas responds with this atrocious sneaker. Like I said before, there are shoes that hold their own weight( value) and the superstar is one of those- classic shoes so the less upgrades, the better. The Boost and sock-fit Primeknit technology do not need to be applied to every shoe, especially the superstars. Check the images below and let me know your honest thoughts on these.

Basically, they added a weird looking hairy suede beige overlay on the sides and heel featuring bape’s logo. the boost insert on the side looks out of place so i’m not even sure how useful it is ( at that size), so functionality is negated
I think a better upgrade would have been just using the primeknit material and leave it at that. It actually looks good.
tayib salami
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