Fake Or Authentic? Sneakers That’ll Make You Go Huh !!!

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Most of you are aware of the comparisons I do between authentic and fake sneakers; every now and then I receive interesting feedback from Youtube users and one particular response caught my attention last week. It read

bro you cannot even tell the difference on the replica pair from nikestop.com

So the individual who posted the comment was actually bragging about this website, which I ended up investigating. I was actually shocked at the amount of orders they were receiving- the site basically claims that their replicas are of the same quality as US retail pairs. The platform has a feedback/review interface updated daily showing you positive remarks of people who actually purchased the fakes. So it leads me to say that we are at the point where people just DON’T GIVE A DARN anymore. The only thing that matters to many is that the shoes are close enough to the Real Deal ( legitimate authentic sneakers). I do take all the claims of the site with a grain a salt; they could just be forging all the positive feedback, they could easily use pics of authentic shoes to throw off many. Either way, we have a serious problem at hand; platforms like eBay, Kixify and more are now  flooded with fakes and legitimate sellers are paying the consequences: we are scrutinized, and with the loopholes in the Paypal buyer protection, customers can easily take advantage of sellers, check out my article on the subject Ebay & Paypal Scams: the nightmare of Resellers.

So My question is:

Would you buy or sell fake sneakers if no one could tell  they were not legitimate?

they have all kind of limited edition jordans
Interestingly enough most of these replica sites focus on Yeezy and jordans only




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