Adidas Yeezy Wave Runner 700 Making A Return | A Little Too Soon? The Implications

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My social media feed was flooded with news of the Adidas Yeezy Wave Runner 700 making a return in a few days. Resellers are probably upgrading their bots, rubbing their hands and thinking about the amount of money they will be making this week end. But I’m more interested in figuring out why Adidas is reintroducing the shoes so soon. Sneakerheads get on Nike for bringing back the same Jordan sneakers over and over but when one considers the time interval between identical retros, it’s usually a 4 or 8 year gap. Adidas has been recycling their sneakers faster than Nike; the OG Bred NMD R1, several Yeezy 350’s and countless pairs of the Ultra Boost sneakers have been brought back within a year or two. Now Adidas is reintroducing the same shoes within months of their original release i.e the Adidas Wave Runner 700. What is that telling us? The brand has probably hit a plateau and is currently searching for the next big thing. I’ve written several posts about the current state of the NMD’s ( one of Adidas top selling sneakers), see link below

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I may not have retailers’s data but I know from looking at third party marketplaces that certain popular Adidas sneakers aren’t performing as well as they used to a couple of years ago. Even the Yeezy 350’s market value has dropped considerably. But the biggest threat to Adidas now is relevance; Nike has literally dominated sneaker related news since the beginning of 2018. Adidas has no choice but to remain consistent and the best way to do so is to reintroduce their most popular styles. Right now, Dad shoes like the Nike Monarch IV are trending and Adidas will be stupid not to take advantage of it; this is the perfect time to recycle the Wave Runner 700. This is definitely a great move by Adidas but I wonder how much gas the brand has left in its tank. The Wave Runner 700 value has already decreased by 22% on third party marketplaces. Does Adidas have enough shoes in line to war against Nike and other growing brands to stay relevant?


Adidas Yeezy Wave Runner 700

Style#B75571, March 10 via Adidas and YeezySupply in US only

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