Adidas Has Surpassed Jordan Brand As #2 Selling Brand- Maybe Sheer Nonsense

Adidas Has Surpassed Jordan Brand As #2 Selling Brand

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NPD’s spokesman  seems to have set every sneaker blog on fire again . He has recently shared some information that nearly has every sneaker site sharpen their twitter fingers. Basically he asserted that Adidas has surpassed Jordan brand as the #2 selling brand in the market. And you know every blog out there has been regurgitating the same information all across social media outlets. Now I’m all for sharing information but one thing I won’t do is be too gullible. There is no doubt that Matt Powell is a credible analyst who has mastered his craft but I think there also comes a time where information must be questioned even if it comes from respectable authority figures. First thing the smart consumer should ask himself/herself is: where did he collect his data from? Is this sample representative of their entire population, in this case: is his data including all sales data or is there a possible skewness in what he is sharing.

One must consider every possible place Jordan and Adidas sneakers are being sold. I have been talking about Nike DTC push for quite some time now ; basically  Nike is trying to directly sell to the consumer and indirectly do away with the other distribution channels. To me it sounds like Matt Powell’s data must be coming from the retail sales ( footlocker, finishline, champs etc). I may be wrong but I don’t think he is getting any sales data directly from Nike or Adidas. So maybe he should be more specific with his assertions . A great deal of Jordan sneakers have sold out on the Nike SNKRS app and the same sneakers are sitting on Footlocker and its derivatives.

What is that saying to you ? Think about it for a minute. All this is revealing is that Nike is doing great on its own platform and  doesn’t really need any distribution channel to sell its products. And consequently this may significantly affect the retail sales data. Do you get the point ? Matt Powell is most than likely missing a lot of data. Nike has over 900 stores that are in  direct competition with their distributors and guess what : Nike will always have an edge over the distributor. Why do you think Nike created the website? I don’t think people are really understanding the Nike takeover. It’s very subtle and no one seems to notice what the brand is doing- eliminating the middle man and reach its consumers directly. So once again I will ask you to think about it- is Jordan brand really struggling or is the data not telling the entire story?

Nike has just taken over the entire NBA and the amount of content the brand has already created in the last couple of days is mind blowing. Sometimes in order to gain more momentum, you need to take a few steps back and that is exactly what Nike is doing. Listen to what Toronto Raptors’ three-time NBA All-Star Demar DeRozan had to say about the Nike X NBA connected Jerseys in an interview with FN,

It’s amazing. Whoever thought of that is a genius. It’s dope to be able to give that type of content out on your jersey

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