The Adidas Pure Boost PDR Multi Color Aims To Dethrone The Multi Colored Nike Flyknit Racer

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The multi colored Nike Flyknit Racer 2.0 released on Friday April 7 and didn’t perform as well as I thought it would ( walk in any local malls or check Finishline and the other major online retailers and full size runs of the racers are still available). I’m not surprised though; last week Adidas unleashed a fury of their new NMD R2 collection so the competition is fierce.

I woke up this morning to another gorgeous pair of runners from the  German Brand-the Adidas Pure Boost PDR Multi Color. You can clearly recognize its striking resemblance to the multi colored racers from Nike. I don’t think for one second that Adidas is launching this by accident; it’s their indirect way of saying to Nike.

we can beat you at your own game

I’m not sure why this Pure Boost is called PDR, but the shoe features a woven knit upper and a leather tongue. Added features include a ventilation chamber at the heel and a full length boot midsole. I’m 99.9% confident that these Adidas Pure Boost PDR Multi Color will definitely dethrone the already fading multi color racers at the right price point. There is no word on when the shoes will actually release but I’ll definitely be gather sales data for a more quantifiable comparison in the future.


tayib salami
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