How Is The Adidas NMD Sneaker Faring Now? Plummeting?

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Adidas has released several iterations of the NMD’s in the past few months that have been very irrelevant. When I say irrelevant, what I’m trying to really say is that no one has really cared about the latest styles of the NMD’s that have dropped. Two years ago , I didn’t have to check footlocker release calendar to see what NMD’s were going to release, all I had to do was check my Facebook newsfeed and that was enough.

I don’t have retailers sales data to see whether the NMD’s are still among the top selling shoes in the market but a quick research on eBay will answer that question . Let’s consider five of the latest colorways that have dropped and see their current resale value on eBay and compare that to their suggested retail price. I summarized my results in the histogram below, see the interpretation that follows after.
Shoes Retail Third Party ( eBay)
Sashiko Style#BZ0219 $170   $110(-$60)
XR1 White Style#BY9922 $150 $110(-$40)
PK STLT Style#CQ2387 $170 $123(-$47)
Peach R2 Style#BY9915 $130 $79(-$51)
Khaki PK Style#BY1912 $170 $119(1$41)

From the numbers above, you can clearly see that the NMD is trending down and the price is plummeting at a very fast rate. And I think it’s going to get even worse in the months to come.

I’ve already said in several of my posts that sneaker heads and their derivatives ( Resellers) drive the sneaker market. When the original Adidas NMD released, it had a high resale value, its profit margin was about 100 to 150%. And Adidas seized the opportunity and released a fury of colorways and eventually killed the market value of the NMD. The brand even made it worse by increasing the price of the shoes. They went from $ 109 to $170 within a two year span which is absolutely ridiculous. At this point, the only thing Adidas can do to save the NMD is collabs. I doubt that regular NMD’s ( or shall I say GR NMD’s) are going to fetch any substantial revenues.
tayib salami