The Adidas Harden Vol.1 “Imma Be A Star” Releases Soon

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The selection of sneakers available for the Footlocker week of greatness is massive. Most sneaker enthusiasts are only aiming for either Yeezy’s or the Dr Doom Foamposite. Other notable sneakers releasing during the week are the Nike Kobe AD and  the Jordan 3 True Blue. A new colorway of James Harden’s first signature , the Adidas Harden Vol.1 will also debut on November 23.


Adidas is now borrowing a thing or two from Nike with these shoes- they are pretty much creating a story behind it to make them very relevant, which I think is brilliant. They are nicknamed the “Imma Be a Star”, and are dressed in a black and gold color scheme. Primeknit material covers most of the shoes at the exception of the toe box which features suede. Tiny gold speckles covers the side panels, the extension of the tongue and the heel.  Adidas branding covers the heel area with the classic three stripes. Harden’s logo occupies the outside of the tongue; you can also see a “JH” on the dusky black midsole. Asymmetric round black laces with gold tips complete the look of the shoes.

The hexagonal pattern on the bottom of the shoes were specifically designed with Harden in mind. He makes those awkward “euro steps”, and is also a slasher, spot up shooter- therefore needs excellent traction to accomplish his moves on the court. I haven’t tried the shoes so i couldn’t elaborate on it any further. cushioning will not be a problem with the Adidas Harden Vol.1 – they feature the boost technology (thousands of beads respond instantly to give the foot the bounce and  energy it needs).

I ‘m planning on picking up a pair of these , and will give you a more thorough breakdown on fit, stability and more. Stay tuned.

adidas-harden-vol-1-bw0545-black-gold-imma-be-a-star-1 adidas-harden-vol-1-bw0545-black-gold-imma-be-a-star-2


Adidas Harden “Imma Be A Star”


Black Gold, November 23rd, $140


tayib salami
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