The Adidas EQT Pusha T ” Bodega Babies” Echoes Many Neighborhoods

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Certain street lingo and traditions are particular to certain neighborhoods; but when it comes to the Bodega, nearly every inner-city has its own brand of Bodega. I come from Togo, a third world country in West Africa and we also have our own local Bodega so it resonates perfectly with me. A Bodega by definition is,

a small convenience store, can mean many things to an urban community: a beacon of security on late nights, a place to get last-minute laundry quarters or that emergency breakfast sandwich, a familiar face.


Pusha T is basically letting you into his world by giving you a glimpse of his childhood with these Adidas Pusha T ” Bodega Babies”. And not only are you travelling back in time but the Bodega is still contemporary, and it’s still the place to meet. The commercial you’ll see below sums it up perfectly. This is a brilliant move by Adidas, a way of really connecting with the consumer; the brand is basically saying that their sneakers aren’t just for the hipsters or a certain target market, but  for everyone, regardless of one’s social status.

Well check the video and be sure to listen to my favorite line in the ad courtesy of Pusha T

Bodega Babies, You wonder why these kids from the 90’s crazy..

My only objection with these shoes is the price point; the price isn’t a reflection of the message behind the shoes. I think $225 is not within the reach of many and that’s where Adidas needs to do some revisions. There is a bit of disconnect and the profound message behind the shoes is lost because of the $225 price tag


Pusha T Adidas EQT Bodega Babies


November 4


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img via sneakersaddict

tayib salami
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