Adidas Is Bringing A Knife To A Gun Fight For February & March Possibly

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Nike has been indirectly daring Adidas to match their February line up for Jordan Retros ( you see I didn’t even include other Nike shoes). I don’t think Adidas is recognizing how Nike is subtly undermining them. The months of February and March ought to be on any sneaker brands radar as far as I’m concerned. They coincide with the cash abundance directly linked to the tax return money; a time where the consumer is very vulnerable and buys or spends money impulsively. Consequently sneaker brands ought to bring their best products at this time of the year, and the only brand that is doing that is  Nike. I wrote a post about it a couple of weeks ago, see link below

February Nike & Air Jordan Line Up |Your Tax Return Is Very Dear To Nike

Every other sneaker brand is bringing a knife to a gunfight; Adidas should have birthed out a Yeezy Collection for the month of February. The NMD’s wow effect has worn out and the Ultraboost sneakers are now an after thought. But the Yeezy shoes still  have  plenty of life left in them. With the myriad of themes and concepts available now ( i.e Chinese New Year, Off -White ), one will think that Adidas will find some inspiration for a dope Yeezy collection, but I’ve yet to see any notable sneakers from Adidas for February. The sneaker game heavily relies on momentum and Nike has been regaining it at an exponential speed. I’ve already shared the brand’s recent line up for February and guess what- every other day, Nike continues to surprise us with more Retros for February and March, the recent one being the Triple Red Jordan 8 for Valentines Day. Just think about it, if Adidas was to come out with a Triple Red Yeezy 350 for Valentines, Can you imagine how excited people will be?

Instead of bringing out exclusive sneakers to overshadow Nike, Adidas has been very dull with their line up. The only shoes that might spark a little bit of excitement is the Bape X Adidas Dame sneakers. This is ridiculous, basketball shoes aren’t doing that great at this point, lifestyle shoes are still on demand. Adidas did create a Chinese New Year NMD but no one cares about it, the NMD is now on life support. At this point, Adidas should’ve overwhelmed Nike with a series of Yeezy shoes; like I said earlier, there are so many great “ideas” available but they’ve failed to do that. I can’t even share their line up for February because it’s utterly frivolous and loaded with basketball shoes. And even in the basketball arena, Nike shoes are still dominating- the Kyrie 4 and the latest Westbrook Why Not Zero.1 sold out instantly. So the only area where Adidas could still disrupt Nike is in the lifestyle niche but all they’ve done for February is bringing a knife to a gunfight.


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