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About Housakicks


Tayib Salami (Founder/Owner of Housakicks)

My name is Tayib Salami and my background is in Mathematics. In the early 2000’s I decided to create for the sole purpose of buying and reselling sneakers. Shoes were always a part of my up bringing so I waned to turn my passion into a business. The site’s main objective in the beginning was the online shop; but at the end of the year 2013, I came in contact with Chris Burns , the owner of ARCH-USA who suggested that I turned the site into a blog instead. I was reluctant at first but decided to follow his advice and the rest is history. The site now provides performance reviews, release date information, Fake or Real comparisons and sneaker updates on a daily basis. I’ve also incorporated my knowledge in Mathematics into the site by writing a great deal of projection posts that can serve brands as well as retailers navigate the current turbulent waters the sneaker market is facing.

Christopher D. Burns (Founder/Owner of ARCH & ARCH Consultation)

Click the link to read the bio. CDB provides sneaker business analysis under the Insider Ties category. He also covers art, music, and fashion under the Dope S–t I Like category. The Business Talk section features Should You Buy To Flip, info for those interested in getting into the shoe selling business, and updates on stock market moves for the footwear and apparel business.

  • ARCH Consultation | Allow me to do a thorough analysis of your marketing efforts to move you in the direction of attaining your business goals. Now more than ever it’s getting harder to reach your intended clients. This is a multichannel world and the old and new ways of marketing are becoming less efficient. ARCH Consulting will look into your business (sole proprietor, small business or corporation) and help to create a path.
  • ARCH x Kickstarter | After operating the footwear company for 5 years out of my own pocket I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for my third running shoe.
  • ARCH Investment | ARCH Investment is no longer accepting clients. The program was successful in utilizing footwear as an investment. It was a great program. ARCH will begin considering investments as the growth of the website reaches 1,000,000 Unique Visitors per month.
  • CB Publishing | You can also visit CBP where Chris has his book publishing and music label information: