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Chicken Of The Lord Recipe

The last time I wrote a Grubbing with Housakicks Post, banana pancakes were featured, if you’ve missed it I’ll invite you to check out the link below Grubbing With Housakicks Ep2 – Homemade Banana Pancakes By Jahan Today I will be talking about the Chicken of the Lord recipe but I quickly have to tell you how it came about. A few weeks ago, we were celebrating my Pastor’s birthday and each member of the congregation was supposed to  bring a special meal for the event. My family was appointed with the task of preparing chicken; over the past few years I’ve made several chicken mealsRead More →

banana pancakes

A few years ago my son Jahan and I shared one of our favorite dish with you, the “Tandoori Chicken”, see link below We decided to come back from our hiatus and today I’m going to be Jahan’s assistant. He is going to be making banana pancakes; in the video below he will be sharing the entire process with you folks and I invite you to watch it in its entirety. This is a great way to eat healthy and clean food.Read More →

Grubbing With Housakicks Ep1 : Togolese Food | Chef DA- MIMI

I’m sure some of you are wondering why I’m talking about food on Housakicks and I’m glad you are. Cooking and eating are amongst my favorite activities just like talking and writing about sneakers. I decided to spice things up a bit and add a new rubric on the site -Grubbing With Housakicks. Episode 1 of this rubric was birthed out an event that took place about three weeks ago. I attended  a dinner party and was treated to one of my favorite dish “Ayi Molou”. I ate about three full plates of it on the same day and couldn’t get it out of myRead More →

Urbana Skate Park is Breathing New Life Into The Community

This is more like a Grubbing with Housakicks  post, only this time it isn’t about tasting or eating any food but rather enjoying the last Summer days with the youngest of my sons. He was offered a skateboard a couple of days ago and has found tremendous peace and satisfaction in riding it. My wife and I have been trying to find an outdoor activity for him and neither basketball, football nor the usual team sports have been a good fit. He has spent the past 48 hours riding his skateboard for hours and the discovery of the recently established Urbana skateboard park has beenRead More →

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