The New Adidas Personal App, A Copycat Of The Nike’s App & The DTC Model

I have been screaming about the Nike DTC campaign for quite some time now, and everything the brand has done as of late is geared toward improving the consumer personal experience with the ultimate goal of keeping the traffic in house. To sum it up , Nike is progressively doing away with its wholesale distribution […]

Midnight Apple Watch X Nike Air Vapor Max Screams Nike DTC | Optimal User Experience

We live in the day and age where the consumer is no longer satisfied with simply buying a product; brands must offer a lot more than the mere product. The consumer of the 21st century wants a one of a kind experience that comes with his/her purchase. And brands that can figure out how to […]

Kyrie’s Future Signature Shoes Will Cost Less Than $100 | A By-Product Of The Nike DTC

We are beginning to witness the direct effects of the Nike DTC ( Direct To Consumer) campaign. A week ago I shared a post about Nike going the “COSTCO” route and said, I seriously think this might result in Nike’s reducing its product prices at some point which will be a win/win for both consumers […]

Nike DTC, The Adidas Retail Deception | What Many Of Us Continue To Fail To Recognize

I was on my way to pick up a few sneakers I oversold on my website earlier this morning and decided to do a bit of a scavenger hunt; what intrigued me the most about the hunt were my findings at the Clarksburg Adidas outlet store in Montgomery County, Maryland. As I walked in the […]

The Air Jordan XXXII 32 Proved The Effectiveness Of Nike DTC Push

I’m so glad that I was led to check how well the Air Jordan XXXII performed sales wise this morning. Last week, NPD’s Matt Powell opened a can of worms when He said that Adidas had surpassed Jordan as the #2 selling brand nationwide. There is some truth to his statement but not the entire […]

Nike’s February Sneaker Release Calendar Was Definitely Inspired By The Tax Refund Season

A quick look at Nike’s February sneaker release calendar led to some very interesting discoveries. Let me  give you a breakdown of several key sneakers that were released between  February the 1st and the 15th and  their secondary market value. Air Jordan 10 Super Bowl, Released on February the 1st ( sold out via retail), […]

General Release Jordan Retros Resale VS Retail Value | The Implications

General Release Jordan Retros have been tanking a lot via retail and several factors have caused this situation. The Nike DTC ( Direct To Consumer) offense is the main reason behind the current problems retailers are facing;  the retail apocalypse is progressively getting worse. I don’t claim to have the remedy to this illness but […]

Air Jordan 10 Seattle Supersonics 310805-137 | Another Lost Cause For Retail

The last pair of Air Jordan 10’s I wrote about was the Woodland Camo edition; as I type this post, the shoe is becoming a museum piece in most retailers’s stores and websites, see screenshots below Now let’s look at Nike’s own sales performance when it comes to the Jordan 10 Woodland Camo Interestingly Nike […]