Meet London Based Singer, Guitarist & Songwriter Davy Denke, A True Genius

It’s always a pleasure of mine to celebrate local artists; today I present to you Davy Denke a good friend of mine whose love for music creation is exhilarating. We shared the same house for a year and half and I was there when he purchased his guitar and started perfecting his craft. He has done some amazing things over the past 8 years and his journey is very inspiring. He has recently released his first single and it is an honor for me to share it on my site.

Here is is Bio in a few words

Davy Denke is a Soul Rock singer-songwriter and guitarist based in London. Born in Paris to Togolese parents, Davy has taught himself music as he traveled the world from the USA, to China, Poland and the UK. His multi-cultural experiences as well as his early inspirations including Jeff Buckley, Jimi Hendrix and John Legend have defined his approach to creating music. Storytelling and touching the Soul are at the center of his compositions.

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