Yeezy Inspired Skechers Sneakers? What the Heck Is Skechers Doing?

Most of  the skechers shoes I’ve come across tend to have a really thick midsole; the brand pride itself in engineering some of the best walking shoes in the market. Yesterday I stumbled upon some yeezy inspired skechers sneakers and just thought to myself: What the heck are they thinking? Well , anytime there is a paradigm shit in the market, companies try to adjust to the new trends , and sometimes it works out perfect for them, but most the time, they make a fool out of themselves. If you look closely at the major sneaker brands, most of them have adopted the trending Knit materials on their sneakers: Adidas with the primeknit, Nike with the Flyknit, Puma with the Evoknit, Reebok with The ultraknit, Asics with the Knit etc…

I have also seen the rise of sneakers from different brands with the Adidas Yeezy 350 silhouette, latest being these Yeezy Inspired Skechers sneakers. As much as I commend the brand for trying to keep up with  the trend, I think it’s better if they stay in their lane. A couple of months ago, I went to a foot clinic and I was amazed at the amount of skechers shoes the doctor recommended. The most dominant brand in the retail section of the clinic was skechers.  But sometimes, brands tend to be a bit too greedy and want to expand even more but to their own demise. Anyway I might be wrong but I don’t think these Yeezy skechers will reasonate with the brand’s already established audience. Check out the pictures below and let me know what your thoughts are on the shoes.

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    them some fire af skeckhers bruh