Should You Resell Sneakers? Is Nike Killing Resale?

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Originally posted on ARCH-USA

Originally recorded Feb. 10, 2016 by Tayib Salami of Housakicks during a Google Hangout

Tayib has been working on the idea for a series of interviews about the sneaker industry. I helped Tayib develop his website: after he had paid several developers and gotten no where. He knew I had been involved in sneakers for a long time and thought who better to ask these questions. In this video we hit on whether today’s market is good for reselling shoes and we talk about how Nike has changed the game and it now benefits those who love sneakers.

3:48 Should You Be A Reseller – What Has Nike Done To Kill Resellers
4:20 If you are going to resale, it’s all about your purchase price.
4:59 Breakdown of resale on a Retro
7:00 Shoes have to be on the black market at these new prices
9:00 The real breakdown on shipping and costs
10:40 What did Nike do to kill Resale?
11:00 Chargeback and Claims
12:00 Even if you get a deal this could happen.
13:35 You might as well flip tee shirts.

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