The Frederick FSK Mall Footlocker Is Getting Renovated

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There are all types of shoppers , those who love big malls with an incredible amount of traffic, and folks like me who like smaller malls where one becomes well acquainted with the shop workers. The FSK Mall Footlocker is one of those places where you feel at home as soon as you walk in the store. The staff is incredible and very welcoming and most of the associates are knowledgeable about the sneakers and merchandise on display. I’ve made some very solid connections in that store and will often swing by there just for a 5 minutes conversation about NBA games and the sneakers they players wore. I’ve learned a great a deal about the functional aspect of certain sneakers in my many exchanges with  one of the managers at that location.

There is used to be a Finishline store at the FSK Mall which has been shut down for poor performance. There is also a  Sportszone in there which I rarely visit because of its poor layout ( the store is too dark and the products display leave little to be desired). But one of the many strengths of Footlocker stores is the layout and the products display. I won’t elaborate on that today but what I want to say to those who live in Frederick County is to drop by FSK Mall. The FTL has been loaded with an incredible amount of exclusive sneakers you won’t even find at popular malls like Lakeforest and even Montgomery Mall. And because of its good performance, the store is being expanded; I found out about it a couple of days ago, so I’m sure greater things are yet to come- it might just become a House Of Hoops ( take that with a grain of salt though). Stay tuned.


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