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Adidas is not Nike’s biggest thorn like most people think. As a matter of fact both brands have a common enemy: the counterfeiters. And if you don’t believe me, just take a look at how many fake items are currently being unloaded on eBay on a daily basis and you’ll understand, see article below
According to a CBP report,
In the 2016 fiscal year, U.S. Customs and Border Protection seized more than $1,382,903,001 worth of counterfeit goods.
Now just think about the many other million of undetected fakes that make it through our borders on a daily basis. The replica industry I’m sure doesn’t account for what analysts look at when they give us a breakdown of the share of the sneaker market competitive brands possess. I bet you they will be in the top 20 were they  included. Ten years ago, I could have easily spotted a pair of fake Jordan retros by just glancing at them but lately, one needs more than Sherlock Holmes skills to bust a pair of fakes. When and how was the term Legit check born? Currently there are many sites like mine dedicated to helping the consumer identify counterfeits, something you would have never seen a decade ago. And this was engendered by companies like Perfectkicks which in my opinion is the number one leading counterfeiter currently. They have completely changed the landscape of replicas by making them more acceptable and tolerable. People used to be banned from sneaker communities for dealing or wearing fakes, but that is now a thing of the past. I’m sure many will disagree with me but the data backs it up. There are fully functional IG and Youtube account holders known for their ties with fakes. Perfectkicks’s replicas are basically identical to authentic sneakers- the company is investing millions of dollars to obtain the same materials used to manufacture their breed of counterfeits. They’ve also purchased very sophisticated machines and the icing on the cake is,
They engage and involve the consumer in the manufacturing process
They’ve built a large customer/fan base and actually play the “supply and demand ” game. Just take a look at the Instagram page below and you’ll notice the amount of pre-fulfilled orders they receive daily.
Do you see how they are engaging their fan base; they have about 96k followers who are obviously also regular buyers. Now in a few years , there will be probably a 100 of companies like that, just think about the potential problems that will arise from this.

See how they are engaging the consumer in the video above, it is so compelling that it converts into massive sales. This is pathetic, they understand content creation better than legitimate companies.

This is PK bold claim on their own website,

How much you know about PK ambitions and dream of making the real 1:1 Replica, Please dont order if you dont. We only sell them to PK fans and those who know about it. We are pround of all the praises and good comment from all the customer, Pk going strong and strong through all the negative criticism from the same line competitors
PK has a dream. ONE DAY, all reps will be made to look and feel equal to retail.
We are at the point where counterfeiters are battling each other (to produce the best authentic fakes) and in the process each one is perfecting its craft- which means we’ll witness the birth of more companies similar to Perfectkicks. Just think about it, let me be very generous and assume that each year, 10 companies similar to PK that are born. In the span of 10 years you ‘ll have about a 100 of them; now think about the share of the sneaker market each one of these companies has the potential to acquire ( assuming each has about a 100k followers, and multiply that by a 100) and put them all in one category. I bet you they are taking so much money out of legitimate retailers’ pockets i.e Footlocker, Finishline, Champs, DTLR just to name a few. Footlocker’s stock recently drop by 28% and it was supposedly due to the decreasing in sales of high end items. Now pause for a moment and think about it-Will you not agree that many of the  counterfeits are high end items that are cheaper and basically of the same materials? This could very well be another reason why Footlocker’s stock dropped. A lot more retailers are going to go out of business in a few years and many will merge just to survive. Do I have any solution for it? At this point I’m not sure what is going to stop the ball from rolling but stay tuned for further updates.
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My Name is Tayib Salami and I’m the founder of Housakicks. I’m part of the AHN network dedicated to provide our audience with more in depth information on sneakers. I provide my audience with performance review on sneakers; every so often I educate the readers as it pertains to identifying Replica sneakers ( quick tips to spot the fakes and more). The AHN network covers a variety of sneaker related topics

  • The only thing I would add to this is we are already well on our way to a multitude of companies like perfectkicks. DHGate is one of the biggest problems right now. Why? They’re held to standards which are getting more and more stringent each day. This makes many sellers come correct and provide the best quality fake they can.

    Unlike going directly through their main websites you do have some level of protection.

    Sometimes the subtle flaws are obvious to a trained eye but there have been an increasing number in the last few years that have left me baffled, especially in 2017. If you find the right sellers on DHGate you will get NMD R1’s, XR-1’s, PW HR etc with what looks and feels like real boost. I’ve also seen many of these come in boxes with all the accessories and the box looks legit.

    There is a whole class of sellers now that absolutely pride themselves in the quality of the products they deliver and hallmarks are “our own photos, real pics of shoes”, “comes with receipt + original box” etc.

    To the point of yet another one of your articles, I have seen a ridiculous amount of fakes on eBay and no longer buy shoes there. Grailed has a ton of fakes as well…let’s just put it like this, every and any marketplace aside from GOAT, StockX and others that don’t have a stringent legit process in which the kicks are sent to them first for authentication has fakes in their marketplace and the bigger they are the bigger the problem – eBay.

    It gets worse. Read “Inside the knockoff Tennis Shoe factory”. You’ll soon realize another problem which has now extended to big resellers and oh yes I’ve seen them on IG flexing about their recent China trips. You can go to China and companies like Perfect Kicks will work with you in a factory to make true 1:1’s.

    When I made real vs fakes vids I would notice certain players, usually well established YouTubers that had a tight relationship with these Chinese counterfeiters telling them what to fix and they would fix it. If the numbers someone mentioned to me once were even close to accurate in terms of what these two individuals were doing they are exactly the type that can go to China and are operating on a ridiculous scale. They had to have been caught by now or are under some type of FBI sting operation cause they were just moving way too many shoes and money monthly.

    These guys can also have the receipts made with the information they specifically want on it and it’s gotten as ridiculous as some correcting the fonts for improved “fake receipts”. Scariest I’ve seen are some of the Y-3 receipts. Some looked exactly like my receipts/invoices direct from Y-3!

    Marketing, social media use and engaging the customer is not at all lost on this new generation of counterfeiter. And yes…some do it better than the legit companies they’re copying. Spoken to a few that speak and write English just like you and I except with a little accent but make no mistake as you know, these are not your old Canal street bootleggers.

    I know PK very very well from my YouTube days. They were one of the biggest even back then but whoever is running that operation is running a tight ship for the reasons who’ve outlined in the article plus some. They keep improving all facets of the operation…not just the shoes. I’m pretty troubled by where this is all headed because we’re already at the point where it’s extremely hard to spot a fake and it’s no longer an automatic ban to discuss them in many sneaker communities like it was before. Reddit has their own sub groups where this is all they do. Some specifically focus on finding the best fakes and then sharing out how to get them.

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