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Amazon has been doubling down on its private label business in recent months, though many of its own brands aren’t easily identifiable to consumers as they… (pic via Tech Crunch)

Source: Amazon’s private label business is booming thanks to device sales, expanded fashion lines

A few weeks ago I took a moment to tweet to Matt Powell the sneaker guru at NPD who is quoted often in footwear articles, that Nike creating a brand registry on Amazon was a bad thing. My reason was that Nike would be supplying Amazon with direct information on SKUs and this would supply Amazon the data needed to push further into activewear. he stated Amazon already has the data. I said, not directly from the source. I stated that Amazon Private Label clothing brands were a disruptor. He said in response, “That Amazon private labels aren’t disrupting anything.” His proof? He has the data and that no one even knows about the brands. I bring this up as continued evidence that Nike’s brand registry isn’t good for Nike. Which is a different article, but is a good preface for the Tech Crunch post.

Every private label is up. How much? We don’t know, but this isn’t good for retail.

Amazon’s subversive attack is no longer under the surface. It’s as clear as day. They are launching private labels in response to the data accumulated from other brands. They are preparing to launch an athletic brand and this Tech Crunch article

Source: Amazon’s private label business is booming thanks to device sales, expanded fashion lines

isn’t exactly proof, but it definitely confirms what I’ve been saying the entire time about Amazon’s status as a parasite. Take a moment to read the article and then come back and reread what I’ve been writing about lately. Hopefully it will make sense.

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