Sneakerheadinthebay’s Custom Air Jordan 1 Gatorade Is Simply Nifty

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When I came across Sneakerheadinthebay’s Custom Air Jordan 1 Gatorade this morning, my initial thought was,

Why in the world couldn’t Jordan Brand come up with this concept

I’m not taking anything away from the actual gatorade 1 collection but I think the color schemes were pretty basic. All the brand did was simply apply the different flavors of the Gatorade drink on the Jordan 1 silhouette; then they added a few extra features to it such as the Gatorade heel logo and the one on the bottom of the shoes. In my opinion, it wasn’t very creative; a Jordan Brand X Gatorade venture ought to look like everything both brands stand for-excellence. And I think the custom pair you’ll see in the picture below embodies the idea of dopeness both brands are known for. I see elements of the classic OG Bred 1 on the panels and the forefoot rim blending perfectly with the Gatorade’s orange. JB ought to consider working with customizers, It’ll be a win/win situation for them. They’ll have a better grasp of what consumers want , and they’ll be able to connect with the community on a deeper level. And that’s the direction Nike wants to go anyway.

I guarantee you if the pair you see below was the one that was dropped a few days ago, they would not sit on shelves at all. it would’ve been an instant sell out.

If you’re interested in theses customs, I suggest you contact Sneakerheadinthebay

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