Fake Air Jordan 4 IV Motorsport Spotted-Quick Tips To Avoid Them

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The motorsport 4 is releasing this Saturday March 25 in large numbers; the shoe will be relatively easy to get. As with every shoe from JB the Fake Air Jordan 4 IV Motorsport has also hit the market , and here are quick ways to spot it.

I have used two different pairs of fakes here from two separate sellers to show you how steep the angle is on the heel counter on the replicas. You’ll also notice that only the authentic pair has a white insert, while the fakes have none ( that is very typical with most fakes, they lack in accessories). The double stitching at the bottom of the heel strap is more spaced out on the authentic than it is on the fakes.

I ‘m always a little skeptical when it comes to nuances in the colors because of the lighting. But this clearly shows that the real pair has a game royal ( darker blue ) midsole than the fakes ( both fakes have a lighter blue midsole). Also check out the differences in the color shade on the forefoot lace strap( see horizontal yellow arrow). And the forefoot black insert is made up of a cheaper plastic material on the fakes ( see yellow rectangle).

The tongue of the fakes features tumbled leather while the authentic pair features smooth leather on the tongue( see yellow arrow pointing down). The Jumpman logos on both pairs also look different.

The panel netting extends further and  is pretty much adjacent to the edge of the strap on the authentic; but on the fake pair, you can clearly see how the netting is cut short.

The laces on the fake pair Jumpman logo are non existent.

The pattern on the toe section of the outsole are supposed to feature star-like shapes ( see authentic pair). On the fake pair, those shapes are round/circular ( see yellow circle).

Where to Buy Authentic pairs

Here is a list of authentic online retailers and eBay sellers you can buy from with confidence.

Air Jordan 4 Motorsport


White/Game-Royal, $190





Here is a list of trusted eBay sellers you can buy from as well





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