Can The $220 Tag On The Air Jordan 11 Black Stingray Be Justified?

I️ decided to do a little bit of scouting on Black Friday and my main objective was to see what kind of traffic stores were getting. My Guinea pig was Lakeforest mall in Montgomery County, Maryland. Upon arrival I️ was able to pull in the 5th parking space from the mall entrance which basically tells you how dead the mall was. A few years ago , you could’t even find any place to park your car on a Black Friday.
Each of the five major sneaker stores I️ visited had several sizes of the Air Jordan 11 Black Stingray sitting on the wall . Not surprising at all because the shoes were also sitting online. And I️ think the main reason why they are sitting is because they are overpriced. The recent kids Jordan 11 retros that have dropped were priced at $170 which I️ think is still too much. So the question is -can the $220 tag On the Air Jordan 11 black stingray be justified?
First let’s consider the inflation, some might argue that the color scheme is different but it’s still a Jordan 11 retro in Grade School size. I’ll use the GS concord retro 11 as my reference; in 2011 when they were released they were priced at $120. According to the CPI inflation calculator(you can verify it yourself), if the GS concord 11 retro was to be released in 2017, they would cost about $135. Do you realize how much the consumer is being taken advantage of? The air jordan 11 win like 82, an almost replicated version of the Concord cost $170 in GS sizes, and the stingray 11 was priced at $220. So each one of these newer colorways cost $35 and $85 more than they are supposed to ( basically a 26% and 62% bump). Now do you think that’s fair and do you think it can be justified? Well some will argue that the material used on the stingray was premium because they were supposedly upgraded hence the $85 increase in price. Let’s consider that too. Here is what I said when I was describing the stingray a few days ago,
The conventional patent leather mudguard has been upgraded with a luxurious sting-ray leather providing a unique texture to the sneaker, while the rest of the upper sports a soft suede material for a comfortable look.
And I shouldn’t have said that because I didn’t have the shoes on hand. When I grabbed them off the wall and took a close look , I was appalled with what I realized- the material that  replaced the patent leather wasn’t even leather but rather a cheap composite leather and the “bling bling” on the shoes I don’t believe cost an “arm and a leg”. So the $85 ( 62%) price increase cannot be due to the material used. Some will say that the rest of the shoes is built with suede, guess what, the GS cool grey Jordan 11’s featured suede leather and they were also priced at $120. And the Jordan 11 “72-10” which in my opinion features the most premium leather I’ve seen on a pair of 11’s was priced at $170 in GS sizes. So the $85 isn’t justifiable. So what really motivated Jordan Brand to price the shoes at $220 for grade school sizes. I think it’s the ADIDAS YEEZY; Adidas has been manufacturing the Yeezy’s in such a way that grade school and men’s sizes are all put in one category and I think JB is trying to do the same thing. I think in the years to come, the Grade School sizes will no longer exist and Nike will get away with just consolidating all sizes into one single category. I might have gotten away from the topic at hand but my conclusion will be that the $220 price tag on the Stingray 11 is ridiculous. Here are a few pictures I took on Friday.
bumpy composite leather on the mudguard, not premium leather
a closer look at the rugged composite leather on the toe box

This isn’t even real a carbon fiber shank, so tell me again why these shoes cost $220
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  • All good points and I agree 100%! The shoe is 50% sold out on SNKRS and NDC and th sizes remaining? Traditional GS sizing. That says a lot.

    • Didn’t the shoe only release up to a WMNS 9.5 GS? Nike regularly grays out unavailable sizes but because of poor UI design it could read as “sold out”. Look at Finishline and other sites that carry the shoe. Those larger sizes are grayed out as well but not because they’re sold out, the shoe simply does come in a larger size than the wmns 9.5 GS.

      If this is accurate, it means the shoe is not even close to 50% sold out and Nike has a major dud on their hands, headed to outlets and Marshalls/TJ Maxx.

      • It’s a dud and i hope it ends at Marshalls at some point. The material on it is terrible but people are too gullible to realize that

      • No, the GG sizing has been increased to 10.5 so the sizing is correct on SNKRS. Nike realized that ramping the sizes up improved purchases by guys. The shoe isn’t performing poorly at all when you consider the broken sizes on the site. The shoes that aren’t selling are the GS sizes which should have never been priced at 220. Actually when you attempt to add the larger sizes to the cart they are also sold out.

        • Thanks for the clarification. So it’s doing slightly better than expected at $220 at the moment but I guess we’ll see shortly how it faired when all is said and done.

          • It will sell through just like the Win Like 82. The 11 is almost bulletproof; except when it comes to the IE versions.

          • Yeah, they still have that record from 2015 where between Black Friday and December they sold over 1 million 72-10’s. The 11’s historically do well, I just didn’t know much about GS sizes and what price points generally look like aside from what the article points out. Thanks.

  • Very well researched but I feel that unfortunately Nike has done this for decades. It’s only when faced with stiffer competition from brands like UA were Nike forced to reconsider and act on their signature basketball pricing.

    I don’t hate Nike or think what they’re doing is wrong. As a matter of fact not only would I do the same, the price might be higher. If I’ve already gotten people to pay $400 for shoes with $80 or less in materials or hooked them into my “Remastered Program”, “New Old shaped AM 1’s” , what’s one more deceptive campaign either in notion or pricing? This is the uglier side of business most people don’t have the stomach for.

    In surveys and studies; age, education, gender and race really do matter. Jordan brand understands the mindset of these parents and kids very very well. They love to spend what they don’t have and love making their kids little clones of themselves and buying them over priced goods that will do zero for their education and character but it either reminds them of themselves, the real or make believe or it creates false pride in materialism that they’re providing more for their kids than their parents ever could for them.

    The reasons vary, the unintelligent nature of the action at it’s root is the same.

    • man, really appreciate your responses brother, always well structured.

      • The consumer has shifted, but Steve you are right and the coded language reads “Black” people for those who are missing the connection. One has to simply look at the placement of footwear stores and the entire industry was built on the back of impoverished people. It’s an unfortunate reality that actually crosses over into an analysis of why adidas and Under Armour ultimately are always on borrowed time when it comes to their growth. Black folks have made Nike the Democratic Party of the footwear industry and Jordan Brand has every right to do what they are doing.