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The Network currently garners:

  1. over 100,000 Visits per month
  2. over 6 page views per visit
  3. 75% of the network’s traffic is generated by direct links. This means that we aren’t relying on the inconsistency of social media. Our visitors either find our site by visiting from bookmarks or they are arriving via search (12%).

The Most Important Information for Potential Clients

 via Google Analytics for note the number of viewed Ad units

Avg. Time on Page

AdSense Page Impressions
AdSense Ad Units Viewed
via Google Analytics for note the number of viewed Ad units
Avg. Time on Page
AdSense Page Impressions
AdSense Ad Units Viewed

ARCH and Housakicks cover the lifestyle and sneaker industry. ARCH places an emphasis on the business aspects of footwear and apparel (stocks, retail and marketing discussions). Housakicks places an emphasis on sneakerhead topics (new releases, sneaker steals and deals). Both sites operate successful multichannel e-commerce stores with verifiable income reports.

We are now offering advertising on the site in the primary locations of the header and sidebars. We will support the advertising with posts generated from content submitted by the sponsors paying for the primary locations on the site. Unlike most websites our sidebar and headers will remain dedicated to the sponsor during the agreement.  We will continue to generate content on our Monday-Friday schedule with random updates on the weekend.

What We Can Do For You

If your site needs a redevelopment we will assist you in creating a CMS site. Sample: We generated this site from Ewing Athletics’ website and Instagram. Take a second to click one of the blog posts to see the Square banner and Skyscraper Banner we made for the brand or click here. Their current site is not mobile ready and does not maximize search. We redesigned using a CMS and made the site mobile friendly and capable of being indexed.  Note the ads on the sample site, we created the copy and made the ads mobile ready creating an entire campaign for the brand.

If you think your company could benefit from the reach we are establishing then don’t hesitate to write us for more information and to request verification of all stats listed above.

Advertising Packages

Package 1 – Header (Leaderboard) 728×90 1 month minimum – $1000.00 (Placement on Housakicks and ARCH)

Package 2– Header (Leaderboard) 728×90 and Sidebar (Vertical Skyscraper/Rectangle) 160×600 or 300×250 1 month minimum – $1200.00 (Placement on Housakicks and ARCH)

Package 3 – Header, Sidebar and Footer 728×90 and Sidebar (Vertical Skyscraper/Rectangle) 160×600 or 300×250 1 month minimum – $1500.00 (Placement on Housakicks and ARCH)

Package 4– Sponsored Post on both sites (Article remains as a sticky posted to the front page. Article can be refreshed weekly with new content for 1 month.) $500.00

Package 5 – Exclusivity (Header, Sidebar, Footer and Sponsored Post) $5000.00

Combo Package – Header or Sidebar or Footer + Sponsored Post  $1000.00

We look forward to working with you.

Chris B.



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tayib salami
Founder, Webmaster
My Name is Tayib Salami and I'm the founder of Housakicks. I'm part of the AHN network dedicated to provide our audience with more in depth information on sneakers. I provide my audience with performance review on sneakers; every so often I educate the readers as it pertains to identifying Replica sneakers ( quick tips to spot the fakes and more). The AHN network covers a variety of sneaker related topics