Adidas NMD Now Hitting The Adidas Outlet | Might Be The End Of The Line

On my way to pick up a couple of orders today, I decided to swing by my local outlet. Most brands use the holiday season to unload their excess inventory; my first stop was the Nike Factory store which was very disappointing, there was nothing in there worth mentioning. I also went to the Under Armor store which needless to say was just as boring as the Nike Store. I didn’t want to stop by the Adidas store due time constraints so I decided to do just quickly take a glance inside but what I came about was astonishing.

The Adidas NMD sashiko only came about about a month go and it’s already on sale with an additional 30% off. This shoe wa supposed to be an instant classic but ended up being an instant disappopintment. This is at the Adidas Clarksburg Outlet in Maryland

Astonishing because it basically proved what Chris from ARCH and I have been talking about all along. The Adidas NMD’s were on sale in their local outlet store; this is the very first time I come across discounted NMD’s in an Adidas factory store. Many other retailers have been marking them down but I had yet to actually see them in an Adidas location. This is an indication of the beginning of the end of the NMD. Adidas has been releasing countless iterations of the shoes and with the market being flooded, the shoes have lost the cool factor analysts often talk about. not only is the brand releasing too many styles of the NMD but the shoes have been overpriced. They went from $ 109 to $170 within a two year span which is absolutely ridiculous. In the video below, Chris and I were talking about how the NMD might become the next Nike Roshe. Take the time to watch it in its entirety and let us know what your thoughts are on this subject.


Have Nike & Jordan Brand Really Lost Their Cool Factor As Some Claim?

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  • Too many, too fast. Even by the time the OG restock had come around the temperature had cooled off enough to at least get a pair in a size, often your own. Most of the NMD’s released now are honestly not worth picking up as they often don’t hold a candle to the OG PK’s or regular NMD without PK.

    Adidas also failed to officially move the collaborative conversation over to customizers and bootleggers took care of that. Now every single NMD that is customized is bootlegged, which I feel will soon stop because the core shoe isn’t selling.

    • Tayib Salami

      I agree , I’ve seen more bootleg nmds than I’ve seen legit pairs . They have manufactured too many pairs and the price on them is ridiculous .

      • Cal McMican

        where do you live? I lived in China and even two years ago there were tons of bootlegs already

        • Tayib Salami

          i live in maryland